ChaosX Inc.

Before Dusk:

Formally known as Eventual Source, this is a work in progress of essentially the same game, but with a new title.

There will be slight changes to the story line and a more simplified turn based battle system.

A full description of the entire game will be provided shortly (est. Jun 12th, 2016).

There will also be some type of short demo that will showcase exactly how the game will look.

Plans of a playable demo are still being decided, but there will be some type of playable or showcase demo prior to launching of funding.

Rather than attempt to launch this again on various crowd funding websites, funding will now be done via the new ChaosX Inc. Token Program.

Information on the ChaosX Inc. Token Program can be found [:here:].

The old preview video (for Eventual Source) can be found on YouTube here: [:Eventual Source - Preview:]

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