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Letís get straight the matter at hand, rather than endless amounts of rhetoric, pandering, and marketing. ChaosX Inc. and its newly formed news, discussion, and philosophical website named (which stands for Common Sense, Intelligent Thought, and Order) needs your help and as quick as possible. There are many website out there designed for fundraising of projects, also known in some circles as e-begging. While those websites can be very successful at raising funds for the various purposes creators intend, they have their limitations. ChaosX Inc. has multiple projects in the works, but as with many projects funding has become a major stumbling block.

Therefore, in order to cut through all the tedious steps, that often waste time that would be better spent on the actual project or projects, and design a method that allows people easy access to the end result in the fastest way possible all-purpose tokens have been created for purchase. ChaosX Inc. Token are in essence a product, much like serial numbers, virtual currency, and digital downloads are considered products. These tokens are like a combination of these things, but are much more powerful and useful to the end user. Each token is unique and cannot be replicated, but yet all tokens are created equal thus leading to equal usage for the end user. These tokens ultimate represent the future of how businesses operate.

The company only sells one product, their very own unique virtual tokens, but through these tokens they can create a diverse and numerous array of products and possibly services in which the speed, quality, and creativity of their product line is determined largely by the customer. By only selling one product to end users, these tokens will revolutionize the future of video game development, news, writing, and other products ChaosX Inc. and its partners decide to embark on by only having to sell the tokens themselves to launch, develop, and release current and future products to the end user.

More Information on this program and its details will be located on this page, so expect it very soon. The expected launch date is June 13, 2016 for the tokens. Also current projects these token will fund and be redeemable for will be located through this site prior to the launch date. Any changes will also be located primarily on this page too as the company, website, and details are polished and finalized. Feel free to use the email link on the bottom of the page for any type of inquiries.

Preliminary sales of ChaosX Inc. Token have started!
You can start ordering from the first batch of them now!
Fear not as purchases will be tracked and assigned once accounts are implemented.
Each purchase helps to increase the development of everything.

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