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Freelance Writing Program:

The ChaosX Inc. Freelance Writing Program is independent of the other various public projects that ChaosX Inc. is currently involved with.

This program's main focus is to provide various types of writing for customers based on their needs.

The current line of work performed is primarily academic writing for college / university level students using the APA, MLA, and various Harvard standard for citations.

Subject matters range from politics, economics, history, business, marketing, poetry analysis, and movie reviews/analysis.

Feel free to inquire about other subject matters and topics that may fall into more than one of these subjects.

There is an extensive line of previously completed work that can be viewed by potential clients upon request.

Typical orders can be anywhere from 1-3 pages, with 4-5 pages being the normal, but orders of up to 10 pages may be accepted depending upon the details.

Prior work was done for a private firm, but we are now offering our services as an independent or freelance writer.

This means the client will be dealing directly with the writer and therefore prices are much lower compared to other bulk service providers.

Quality and communication with the client is greater than or equal to using bulk service providers.

Feel free to inquire about other writing projects that are needed.

More information will be display in the future for easier access to services, inquires, and sample writing.

For now please email with the subject line "Academic Writing" to inquire about services or place an order.

Please be sure to include as much detail as possible to ensure the best quality service.

Email with the subject line "Academic Writing" for the time being.

Paypal is the only payment method accepted.

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